Seeds of Hope ACE Awareness

Get to the root causes….

Get to the root causes of the opioid crisis, poor health, depression and hopelessness. Join us for an exploration of the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (ACE) – a journey that uncovers the effects of toxic stress and childhood traumas.


The film screening “Resilience” is a one-hour documentary that delves into the science of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the movement to treat and prevent toxic stress. Discussion to unpack ideas and gain insight on proactive capacity building strategies is also offered.

The Gathering of the Commons monthly meals and documentaries is one of the most powerful and important programs we host at University of Maryland Baltimore’s Community Engagement Center. Its great strength is that it is a self-organized event by and for everyday people. Their screenings of Resilience exposed men and women to one of the most pressing public health and cultural issue of our times. I cannot think of a better way to share the information than in a community of supportive, nurturing men and women. An important and impressive aspect of the screenings through fall 2017 was to see the number of participants grow with many repeat visitors who brought friends and family. These powerful shared meals and conversations inspired me as an individual, as an academician, and as a community organizer. I urge everyone who cares about our city’s well-being to see the film with Gathering of Commons community. – Dr.Kelly Quinn, Coordinator Community Engagement Center University of Maryland, Baltimore


Interactive Engagement:

Seeds of Hope ACE Awareness Activity is a simple, but powerful, hands-on seed planting exercise that demonstrates how self awareness leads to the ability to create situations that invite yourself, and others,  to thrive.

“We are honored to be performing our show, “We Got It!: A Show About Empathy” on the same day as the screening of “Resilience” because our pieces have the same basic premise, and that is this: childhood is the foundation of our emotional lives, and the things we experience and are taught to value at early ages shape the rest of our lives. This sounds simplistic, but it is absolutely true. It is why our theater company exists, and specifically why this show exists, and that is to introduce character-building traits like empathy and kindness to kids now, so they are thinking about them now. We have to equip our kids with the emotional tools that they need to live, and that’s what we try to do, and this is certainly the mind behind “Resilience”.-Lynne Childress,Founder and Artistic Director of Building Better People

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