BGiftE One Seed Project

One Seed Project Web Element.png

This Project encourages participants to build a strong sense of self awareness through the practice of growing seeds. The engaging act of growing seeds builds emotional intelligence, self-reflection, and connective relationships through compassionate action.

BGiftE One Seed Project 15 Day Challenge

  • Make Newspaper Seed Box
  • Plant Seed
  • Hands Over Heart Exercise 
  • Put Seed Box On Saucer & Water Daily
  • When Sprouts Are 6 Inches, Cut & Eat

Seed Care Pledge:

I PLEDGE TO BE A GOOD SEED, pausing 1 min daily to love myself with Hands Over Heart Exercise before caring for my beautiful seeds, as they grow into fresh sprouts.

BGiftE One Seed Project is an integrated development process that includes food security, personal growth, and is a Community Supported Environmental Education (CSEE) Initiative.

Some things you will learn:

  • How to grow their own food
  • How to be a good friend
  • How to take time out for self care
  • the skill of how to regulate emotions
  • How the brain works to help us survive
  • Things we share similar to nature
  • What intention feels like
  • How to celebrate you achievements


“Intentional gifts mitigate the effects of adversity.”  – Ulysses Archie, Jr., co-founder of Baltimore Gift Economy

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