Founders’ Message

Baltimore Gift Economy’s mission is to “Build talent and capacity in the best interest of long-term community growth.”

We are fulfilling our mission by working to provide resources and services to communities that will help uplift, empower and fill the needs of its members.  Some of the recurrent ways we’re doing that are through Baltimore Gift Economy’s initiatives such as Five Little Shares Community Supported Market.

The most important component to everything that Baltimore Gift Economy forges is the exchange among community members.  All our services are for community members, and without their support, help, and input we would not get very far in fulfilling our mission.

Baltimore Gift Economy wants your voice to be heard.  We want to know what your hopes, dreams, and visions are for your community, as well as what types of resources and supports are needed for sustaining and empowering our community members.


Ulysses and Chrysalinn Archie

Baltimore Gift Economy Founders