Chalk Festival Volunteers

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Great! You are in the right place.  Your talent and support is just what the world needs now. So check out the list and let us know where you would like to serve.

Thanks in advance for the gift of your service to our community.

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We have volunteer opportunities during the following programs:

  1. Chalk Festival Informational Pot-Luck Meeting: Friday, Sept  18, 2015 from 6 pm – 8 pm @ Thomas Jefferson: Decorating, Set-up, Break-down after event, Greeters, Signing in. 
  2. Baltimore Gift Economy Chalk Festival 2015 Poster Exhibit: Individuals to share participation flyer with teachers, Set-up display prior to exhibit.   
  3. Interactive Performing Arts and Entertainment Auditions @ Peace Park September 24, from  5 pm – 8 pm: Chair set-up, Stage Set-up, Greeters, Sign-in, Serve refreshments, Break-down after. 
  4. Pot-Luck Dinner Networking Event October 6, 2015 6 pm – 8 pm @Thomas Jefferson: Decorating, Set-up, Break-down after event, Greeters, Signing in.
  5. Baltimore Gift Economy Chalk FestivalOctober 17, 2015 on the grounds of Thomas Jefferson  and Hunting Ridge Presbyterian Church: Set-up, Break-down, Greet, Give information. 

Click Here for Volunteer Registration

Festival Program Sites: 

Chalk Festival Site 2015
Chalk Festival Site 2015

Hunting Ridge Presbyterian Church 4640 Edmondson Ave, Baltimore MD 21229  

Chalk Festival Site at Thomas Jefferson 2015
Chalk Festival Site at Thomas Jefferson 2015

Thomas Jefferson Elementary Middle School (TJ)605 Dryden Drive,

Baltimore, MD 21229

Peace Park – Auditions

505 Collins Ave

Baltimore MD 21229

The Baltimore Gift Economy want to show it’s appreciation for your contribution to the program, so please click this link for your gift wish list that will guide us in showing how much we appreciate you. Click Here for Gift Wish List.
Thanks again for your support.