What’s That? Chalk Festival -West Baltimore

CLICK HERE for Details about our 2015 Chalk Festival
A Chalk Festival? What’s That?

Chalk festivals are community cultural events that often center around street or pavement painting as real time performance art.  They often offer public venues as an ‘open space’ enlarged canvas, giving exposure for emerging artists and inspiration to communities they enhance – in celebration of the pure Art of Chalking!!! 

What’s Unique About This Community’s Chalk Festival?

The Baltimore Gift Economy Chalk Festival is a platform and voice for the community spearheaded by The Baltimore Gift Economy, and supported by Thomas Jefferson Elementary-Middle School and Hunting Ridge Presbyterian Church, along with a host of like-minded contributors supportive of a gifting exchange approach to living and sharing resources. 

The inaugural platform was created with intent to attract, connect and share visions and dreams for the collective and inclusive communities that comprise West Baltimore, which is where we make our home.   We imagine this type of community engagement across the nation.

Our goal is harnessing community impetus to serve as the catalyst for coming together at future events and gatherings that define action plans for moving forward to bring our dreams and visions to reality, thereby defining the best of, and for, Baltimore.

CLICK HERE for Details About Our 2015 Chalk Festival