BGiftE Home Page Header.pngThe Baltimore Gift Economy believes in bridging and building communities. We seek to show people, inclusive love, to teach people how to share even in the midst of challenge, to make them aware of the abundance that surrounds them, and to help them realize their gifts and talents and see the value they bring by sharing those gifts with others.

We believe that by treating others with dignity regardless of circumstance, and by helping them understand their gifts and how to use them, communities can be strengthened and rebuilt from the inside out.

Change can come in a massive flash, or in the slow rhythm of a seed-bearing fruit. Baltimore Gift Economy believes a more caring, life-giving economy is possible one heart at a time; reminding people of their value while helping them give value to others.

“In my observation of nature, there is always a natural state of giving and receiving.  Through permaculture, I have learned why we must mimic this spiritual act that calls for the creative force of abundant life.  Living in the gift is natural and right.”

-Ulysses Archie, Jr.

BGiftE Exchange Newsletter

Baltimore Gift Economy is a program of Fusion Partnership, Inc.

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